Updated 6/17/2021

Also referred to as the Consumer Confidence Report, the purpose of this report is to help you, the consumer, better understand the Town of Wilson Creek’s drinking water operations and heighten awareness of the need to protect our water resources. Each annual report contains data from the previous year. The data in this report reflects water system operations and tests conducted in 2020.

We are supplied by a primary and a backup well which draw from underground aquifers. Water is pumped up to the two storage reservoirs located north of the school.  Each reservoir is capable of storing nearly 250,000 gallons of water.  From there distribution is made through over 30,000 feet of water main supplying more than 130 active residential connections.  Annually, we use almost 30 million gallons of water. The cost to maintain our system throughout the year usually exceeds $50,000 (this amount includes electrical use, water tests, salary, excise taxes, audits and routine maintenance)

View the full report here: 2021 Water Quality Report

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