An ordinance adopting the budget for the Town of Wilson Creek, Washington, for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2019.

Current Expense

Legislative/Judicial $13,875.00

Financial/Admin $10,030.00

Other General Government $24,400.00

Security of Persons & Property $500.00

Road $1,000.00

Physical Environment $10,500.00

Public Health $425.00

Library $3,400.00

Park Facilities $16,700.00

Non-Expenditures $10.00

Capital Outlay $0.00

City Streets $11,700.00

Capital Project / Real Estate Excise Tax $201,895.00

Water $29,300.00

TOTAL ALL FUNDS $323,790.00

The City Clerk is directed to transmit a certified copy of the budget adopted to the division of Municipal Corporation in the Office of the State Auditor, and to the Association of Washington Cities.

This ordinance shall be in force and take effect five (5) days after its publication according to the law.

Passed by the Council and approved by the mayor this 13th day of December 2018.

A PDF of this ordinance is available here: ORDINANCE 428 budget 2019