Ordinance 429 was adopted in 2019, establishing universal solid waste management for the residents of the Town of Wilson Creek.

Residents may choose one of the following pick-up options:

Container size, pick-up scheduleFee, plus tax
64-gallon, 1st and 3rd week$9.11 / month
64-gallon, weekly$14.76 / month
95-gallon, weekly$17.26 / month
1.5 cubic yard (300-gallon), weekly$51.04 / month
2 cubic yard (400-gallon), weekly$72.16 / month
3 cubic yard (600-gallon), weekly$108.22 / month
4 cubic yard (800-gallon), weekly$128.93 / month
6 cubic yard (1,200-gallon), weekly$148.69 / month
8 cubic yard (1,600-gallon), weekly$175.01 / month