Ordinance 429 was adopted in 2019, establishing universal solid waste management for the residents of the Town of Wilson Creek. Ordinance 435 was adopted January 2021, effective March 1, 2021, amending rates.

Residents may choose one of the following pick-up options:

Container size, pick-up scheduleFee, plus tax
64-gallon, 1st and 3rd week$10.13 / month
64-gallon, weekly$17.65 / month
95-gallon, weekly$21.46 / month
1.5 cubic yard (300-gallon), weekly$59.35 / month
2 cubic yard (400-gallon), weekly$84.89 / month
3 cubic yard (600-gallon), weekly$129.87 / month
4 cubic yard (800-gallon), weekly$154.72 / month
6 cubic yard (1,200-gallon), weekly$178.43 / month
8 cubic yard (1,600-gallon), weekly$204.01 / month

There is a one-time delivery charge of $27. Containers must be kept at the location for a minimum of one month.

Information from CDSI regarding containers:

  • No Appliances In Containers
  • Mercury Containing Lights MUST be recycled – not disposed of in containers
  • No Car Components (including gas tanks and tires)
  • CDSI Not Responsible for Concrete Driveways
  • No Concrete, Dirt, Rocks or Ashes in Containers
  • No Free Flowing Liquids or Hazardous Materials
  • No Items Longer Than 4.5 Feet in Container
  • Minimum Weekly Service is Required
  • Customer Must Call to Discontinue Service
  • CDSI may refuse to pick up materials from points where, because of the condition of the streets, alleys or roads, it is impracticable or dangerous to person or property to operate vehicles.
  • CDSI may refuse to drive into private property when, in the collector’s judgment, driveways or roads are improperly constructed or maintained or without adequate turn arounds or have other unsafe conditions.
  • Where CDSI is requested to provide service, and damage occurs to a customers’ driveway due to reasons not in the control of the carrier, the carrier will assume no responsibility
  • Rates include rental and disposal
  • Rates DO NOT include 3.6% Refuse Tax
  • Temporary Fuel Surcharge May Also Apply