November 8, 2018

Council Present: Mayor Kevin Newland, and Councilmembers Raymond Kelby, Debbie Moore, and Scott Mortimer. Staff present: Kaci Anderson.

Open Meeting: Mayor Kevin Newland called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes: Motion made by R. Kelby, seconded by K. Ribail, and carried to approve the October 11, 2018, meeting minutes, with the addition that Mayor Newland exited the meeting following the flag salute and Councilmember Mortimer chaired the remainder of the meeting.

Public Comment: None.

Council Concerns: None.


Mayor’s Address

Upcoming visit from Nick Vann with Department of Archaeology + Historic Preservation: Mr. Vann is scheduled to visit with Mayor Newland on November 26, exact time is yet to be determined. They will be looking at building doors, steps, handrails, etc., as well as the caboose at the park, for possible grants.

Association of Grant County Cities & Towns meeting November 29 in Ephrata: Meeting will be held at the Pita Pit in Ephrata, cost is $10. A flyer was provided with additional information. Councilmembers are invited to attend.

New tire for backhoe ordered: Les Schwab replaced the tire on the backhoe today.

Park restroom septic inspection scheduled: Other possible vendors were discussed. TP Septic in Othello was mentioned, but may not travel to Wilson Creek. A man in Coulee City or Almira was mentioned. K. Ribail said she would get the contact information to Mayor Newland. S. Mortimer expressed his opinion that if there aren’t any functionality issues currently with the tank then there is no reason to pump. Mayor Newland said he is seeking advice on how to proceed. Products to treat the septic for roots were discussed.

Airport weed control: Mayor Newland said a lot of work has been done and he doesn’t intend doing more until spring. S. Mortimer suggested a sterilant be applied this winter and then a pre-emergent in the spring. The Council expressed discontent with service from current weed control vendor, as well as weed control in other areas of town.

Plow truck battery ordered in preparation for snow removal: Battery was installed today.

Clerk/Treasurer Report:

Conclusion of 2017 audit: K. Anderson noted the 2017 fiscal year audit is officially concluded with no findings or warnings.

Motion made by S. Mortimer, seconded by K. Ribail, and carried to approve the Town’s current fiscal status and to pay the November 2018 bills as follows:

November 2018 Bills                                                    Current Account Balances

Payroll checks 9991 – 10000  $     1,814.82                 US Bank                   $   121,747.79

A/P checks 10001 – 10013      $     3,489.73                 Grant County            $   108,656.74   *

EFT – IRS                                $        430.91                 Total                         $   230,404.53

Total                                        $     5,735.27

* K. Anderson noted the October statement from Grant County had not yet been received, therefore the current balance is from the September statement.

Maintenance Report: Mayor Newland reported that the valve for the chlorinator keeps getting plugged with chlorine, so C. Stout will be getting larger lines to fix the problem. He mentioned the new flag pole has been installed and the accompanying solar light should be delivered soon. The Public Works Department is currently on winter hours – L. Komarek is to work up to 50 hours per month, and C. Stout is to work up to 30 hours per month.

Old Business:

Discussion of increased councilmember and/or mayor compensation: The Council agreed that Mayor Newland deserved a raise in pay and that they would prefer extra compensation go to him for his work. The Council asked K. Anderson to compare what neighboring mayors earn – Coulee City, Hartline, Odesssa, etc. Increases up to $100 or $125 per meeting were suggested, up from the current $75 per meeting pay. K. Anderson will compile numbers and report back next month.

New Business:

Business license ordinance discussion: Anderson discussed new requirements from chapter 35.90 RCW, requiring towns and cities to adopt updated business license requirements. Two options are available: (1) threshold exemption and (2) threshold with fee-free license/registration-only. The Council unanimously agreed to move forward with option 1. K. Anderson will bring a draft ordinance to the November meeting.

Adjournment: Motion made by K. Ribail, seconded by R. Kelby, and carried to adjourn the meeting at 6:44 pm. The next regular council meeting is Thursday, December 13, 2018, at 6:00 pm.


A PDF of these minutes is available here: 2018-11-08 minutes