January 9, 2020

Council Present: Mayor Kevin Newland, and Councilmembers Scott Mortimer, Debbie Moore, and Keith Jensen.
Staff Present: Kaci Anderson.

  • Open Meeting: Mayor Kevin Newland called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm and led the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Approval of Minutes: Motion made by K. Jensen, seconded by S. Mortimer, and carried to approve the minutes for the regular meeting on December 12, 2019.
  • Public Comment: Earl Justice attended the meeting and inquired about a proposed road that had been discussed years ago, wondering why progress stopped. Councilmember Mortimer stated he remembered distance to the railroad tracks being an issue. The Council discussed the matter, agreeing it is a complex issue that would require input from experts in traffic engineering.

    Earl Justice also stated his interest in the open council position and provided a written letter stating the same.
  • Executive Session: At 6:13 pm, Mayor Newland announced the Council would enter into executive session, as allowed by RCW 42.30.110(1)(h) – to evaluate the qualifications of a candidate for appointment to elective office, for approximately 10 minutes. At 6:20 pm, the Council returned to regular session.
  • Council Concerns
    • S. Mortimer expressed his concern regarding miscellaneous burning in town. His understanding was that the Town receiving the grant to collect and haul away yard waste, was supposed to help combat illegal burning. He is worried about any possible responsibility and/or liability the Town may have, and is curious about what the specific rules are with the Department of Ecology concerning burning in the county versus in a city/town. Mayor Newland stated he will call to find out details.
    • K. Jensen inquired about the Town’s plan for weed control come in the spring. The plan is to burn first under the burn permit from the Department of Ecology, then maintain in-house via spraying, mowing, etc., as needed.
  • Reports
    • Mayor’s Address
      • Burn permit update: Previously discussed. Mayor Newland clarified that the clean-up done on 2nd Street was a permitted burn.
    • Maintenance/Public Works Report: Mayor Newland discussed the following:
      • A window on the train caboose was knocked out. Lyle has patched it temporarily, but it will need a new frame and window.
      • The pothole on 6th Street was patched fairly well.
      • The possible new unpermitted business mentioned at the last meeting is no longer in operation.
      • Regarding a nuisance ordinance, the Town may already have rules in place but we have requested a copy from neighboring small towns as well.
      • When he arrived to drop off this month’s water sample, he was informed it was over full. In order to avoid results possibly being skewed, Mayor Newland opted to not submit the sample and have a new one collected for accurate results.
      • S. Mortimer added, regarding the caboose, that there is an issue with the hinges on the chain link gates that could possibly be addressed and corrected while window work is being completed.
    • Clerk/Treasurer Report:
      • Motion made by K. Jensen, seconded by S. Mortimer, and carried to approve the Town’s current fiscal status and to pay the January 2020 bills as follows:
        January 2020 Bills
        A/P checks 10343 – 10354          $     12,486.67             
        Payroll checks 10325 – 10334          $       1,248.09
        EFT payments                              $       1,143.96              Total                                             $     14,878.73
        Current Account Balances
        US Bank            $    161,613.36
        Grant County    $    111,326.49
        Total                  $    272,939.85
  • Old Business: S. Mortimer reported recycling hauled from the school over winter break included glass, tin cans, paper and cardboard.
  • New Business:
    • Presentation of Certificates of Election to Councilmembers: K. Anderson presented certificates to re-elected councilmembers Keith Jensen and Debbie Moore.
    • Appointment of Councilmember Position 3: After discussion in Executive Session regarding candidates for Councilmember Position 3, the Council, by unanimous vote, appointed Earl Justice to fulfill the remainder of the current term, which expires December 31, 2021.
  • Adjournment: Motion made by K. Jensen, seconded by D. Moore, and carried to adjourn the meeting at 6:44 pm. The next regular council meeting is Thursday, February 13, 2020, at 6:00 pm.

A PDF of these minutes can be viewed here.