June 11, 2020 – remote/online meeting via Zoom

Council Present: Mayor Kevin Newland, and Councilmembers Scott Mortimer, Raymond Kelby, Earl Justice, and Debbie Moore. Staff Present: Kaci Anderson.

  1. Open Meeting: Mayor Kevin Newland called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm.
  2. Approval of Minutes: Motion made by S. Mortimer, seconded by E. Justice, and carried to approve the minutes for the regular meeting on May 14, 2020.
  3. Public Comment: Erin Morse, owner/operator with Gavin Morse of Gem Air, introduced herself and expressed the company’s interest in operating out of the Wilson Creek airport using it as a satellite strip. They are offering $100 per year in rent as well as an airport usage fee of $1,000 per year, for a total of $1,100 per year. Erin stated there is no written proposal for Wilson Creek yet but has supplied a copy of Gem Air’s agreement with Lind. Mayor Newland stated he had hoped for a higher dollar amount and shared that another establishment had been prepared to offer up to $2,500 per year. Other negotiable terms were discussed, including weed control and insurance coverage. Erin shared that Gem Air carries a $1 million policy to cover the premises for incidents. K. Anderson shared the current state of the Town’s insurance coverage regarding the airport in that there is no current aviation policy in place for the airport. Erin and Mayor Newland agreed that further discussions will take place in the coming week and the Town would like to see a written proposal for Wilson Creek at that time. Erin agreed.
  4. Council Concerns: None.
  5. Reports
    1. Mayor’s Address: Mayor Newland discussed the following:
      1. He has been in contact with Ed Lowry with Grant County Public Works. Mr. Lowry shared that Stripe Rite is doing the county’s street painting this year, so Mayor Newland is contacting them about the Town’s striping as well. He has not yet received a response or bid.
      2. The sheriff’s office reported zero calls in Wilson Creek last month.
    1. Maintenance/Public Works Report: Mayor Newland stated there is nothing of major importance to share at this time.
    1. Clerk/Treasurer Report:
      1. K. Anderson stated the annual report to the State Auditor’s Office was submitted on May 28. She expected another clean audit for the 2019 fiscal year.
      2. Motion made by S. Mortimer, seconded by D. Moore, and carried to approve the Town’s current fiscal status and to pay the June 2020 bills as follows:

        Accounts Payable
        Claims #10446 – 10459      $     6,018.13                          
        Payroll #10460 – 10468      $     2,676.52
        EFT – U.S. Bank                 $        144.67
        EFT – IRS                           $        659.41                            
        Total                                    $     9,498.73

        Bank Account Balances
        US Bank               $       160,956.28
        Grant County       $       111,902.64
        Total                     $       272,858.92
  6. Old Business:
    1. From Mayor Newland:
      1. Lyle adjusted the gate at the train caboose in the park.
      2. The person(s) previously residing in the commercial building and are no longer. It seems the notices and multiple communications between Town Hall and the resident have resolved the situation.
      3. Requests that councilmembers please read email regarding airport/insurance as he is seeking more input before making a decision. R. Kelby asked about the length of the proposed contract; Mayor Newland responded it is for a length of one year at this time. Mayor Newland expressed his concern that the Town should seriously consider any possible hazards before entering any agreement, considering the low cost of the agreement compared to potential aviation insurance policy costs.
    2. S. Mortimer offered to speak with Mr. Meise of Northwest Ag regarding the tank removal from the airport, as the tanks belong to NW Ag. Mayor Newland would like to receive written confirmation/plans from Mr. Meise. S. Mortimer expressed his concern that the Town should be careful financially, as it may be more of a liability to take possession of the tanks when taking into consideration potential cost of removal, etc.
    3. Mayor Newland also confirmed that the airport is technically and officially open, after being closed temporarily prior to the Port District’s withdrawal from the property.
  7. New Business: None.
  8. Adjournment: Motion made by D. Moore, seconded by E. Justice, and carried to adjourn the meeting at 6:34 pm when the Zoom meeting time limit expired. The next regular council meeting is Thursday, July 9, 2020, at 6:00 pm.