December 10, 2020 – remote/online meeting via Google Meet

Council Present: Mayor Kevin Newland, and Councilmembers Scott Mortimer, Raymond Kelby, Earl Justice, and Debbie Moore. Staff Present: Kaci Anderson.

Budget Hearing – 6:00 pm

  1. Open Meeting: Mayor Kevin Newland called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm.
  2. Review documents regarding 2021 budget: K. Anderson presented updates to proposed budget from preliminary version presented at the November meeting.

Regular Council Meeting – began at 6:06 pm

  1. Administer the Oath of Office to Mr. Karl Hinze, by Mayor Kevin Newland: Mayor Newland administered the Oath of Office to newly appointed councilmember Karl Hinze, who will fulfill the remainder of the term for position 1.
  2. Approval of Minutes: Motion made by S. Mortimer, seconded by D. Moore, and carried to approve the minutes for the regular meeting on November 12, 2020.
  3. Public Comment: None.
  4. Council Concerns and Issues:
    1. S. Mortimer mentioned he noticed vehicle tire tracks in the ball field following the last round of snowfall. There is concern regarding potential damage to the sprinkler system and field. Council discussed possible deterrents.
  5. Reports
    1. Mayor’s Address:
      1. Thank you to Mortimers for Christmas décor: Mayor Newland expressed gratitude for the Mortimers taking charge in putting up holiday lights on light poles, etc., in town. S. Mortimer said they had help from the Adamsons and Ribails as well. He noted they are still working on figuring out why two poles remain unlit.
      2. Levee report: Sandi Duffey with Grant County Emergency Management joined the meeting for this portion of the meeting. Mayor Newland discussed the results of the most recent levee inspection conducted by the Army Corps of Engineers. The levee was deemed “minimally acceptable,” mainly due to vegetation issues, many of which are not on Town property. Ms. Duffey discussed possible effects and benefits to the Town regarding the floodway and FEMA. A brief history of flooding in Town was discussed, highlighting changes and updates to infrastructure (drainage and levee, for example) since the last flood, which was minimal, in 1975. Council also discussed the possibility of having the levee surveyed as well as potential funding opportunities for such.
      3. TIB project award: The project for Railroad Street was approved in the amount of approximately $96,000.00. This is a no-match grant. Other areas in town will be discussed for future projects.
      4. RFID meters: The Town received two bids for installing new digital water meters for the entire town, one for approximately $31,000, and another for approximately $38,000. These quotes do not include installation costs. Mayor Newland expressed concern that such an expense may not be worth it to the Town when considering labor costs involved with reading meters. Additionally, he has found no grants available for this specific project type. The project will be put on hold.
      5. Water inspection and cleaning report: Liquid Engineering reported that the tanks are in great shape with only about ¼” sediment to clean. They mentioned some blistering on the bottom of the tanks and pipes with rust. K. Anderson said she will view photos and materials on discs provided by Liquid Engineering and share with mayor and council via email.
      6. Grant Transit Authority board position: Mayor Newland has been serving on the GTA Board of Directors and will continue do so, as no other councilmembers are interested in the position at this time.
    2. Maintenance/Public Works Report: Public Works employee L. Komarek is currently on a restricted work schedule so Mayor Newland has been learning to operate more Town equipment in case of snow removal needs, etc. Mayor Newland mentioned the Town has received numerous applications for the Water Manager position and he will hopefully have an update with a new hire at the January meeting.
    3. Clerk/Treasurer Report:
      1. Bills, Checks & Electronic Withdrawal: Motion made by D. Moore, seconded by E. Justice, and carried to approve the Town’s current fiscal status as of November 30, 2020, and to pay the December 2020 bills as follows:
        Accounts Payable
        Payroll #10546 – 10554 $    1,940.60
        Claims #10555 – 10565   $    4,498.20
        EFT payments                   $    2,411.77
        Total                                   $    8,850.57

        Bank Account Balances
        US Bank              $      181,353.25
        Grant County      $      112,025.96
        Total                    $      293,379.21
  6. Old Business: Mayor Newland updated the Council on Mrs. Teresa Garay’s request during last month’s meeting regarding an easement. A letter was sent from Town Hall stating the Town remains the owner/manager of the street/right of way in question.
  7. New Business:
    1. Ordinance 433: 2021 Budget: Motion made by S. Mortimer, seconded by D. Moore, and carried to approve Ordinance 433 regarding the 2021 Budget.
    2. Resolution 2020-03: Annual Regular Property Tax Levy Increase: Motion made by D. Moore, seconded by S. Mortimer, and carried to approve Resolution 2020-03 regarding the annual and regular property tax 1% increase.
    3. Ordinance 434: Business Licensing Service Partnership: K. Anderson explained this ordinance is standard with the Department of Revenue Business Licensing Service regarding the partnership with the Town, that is required in chapter 35.90 RCW by December 21, 2022. Motion made by D. Moore, seconded by E. Justice, and carried to approve Ordinance 434: Business Licensing Service Partnership.
    4. Ordinance 435: Solid Waste Management Amendment (first read): Following Grant County’s rate increase at the landfill, Consolidated Disposal increased rates and adjusted the Town’s contract accordingly. Two calculation methods could be used – exact dollar amount or percentage – were used to create new potential fee schedules for Town residents. Documents showing the increase options were supplied to the Council for their consideration. Mayor Newland recommended the percentage method. Motion made by S. Mortimer, seconded by D. Moore, and carried to approve the first read of Ordinance 435: Solid Waste Management Amendment using the percentage method. The final version will be presented for approval and adoption at the January meeting.
    5. Ordinance 436: Wireless Transmission Facilities (first read): Mayor Newland stated the Town is awaiting review by the lawyer as it needs more information regarding setbacks, height restrictions, etc. He noted this document is for use in the future only and has nothing to do with anything currently happening. Due to the need for more information, he recommended Council consider tabling the ordinance pending lawyer review. Motion made by D. Moore, seconded by S. Mortimer, and carried to table Ordinance 436.
    6. Prior to adjournment, K. Hinze raised the topic of a possible ordinance, resolution, etc., regarding restrictions imposed by the state related to Covid-19, citing the City of Mossyrock. The mayor and council support the actions taken by Mossyrock government, but due to certain differences (including, but not limited to, health information shared from the County), do not feel it appropriate for the Town of Wilson Creek to take similar action.
  8. Adjournment: Motion made by D. Moore, seconded by S. Mortimer, and carried to adjourn the meeting at 7:41 pm. The next regular council meeting is Thursday, January 14, 2021, at 6:00 pm.